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GodzHell has a tricky way of doing things I warned Traxxas to take it off...

  Then Traxxas got mad I turned off the Server for a Day...... He was so mad when I gave him axcess to it once more
He reset Everyones account.... I dont know why?? But I was able to get back some accounts.... Apparently im still getting complaints from

people who have had there accounts  reset?? Then they come to me and asking where is there 600mil... I usually say youll have it shortly so

I took the time going 1 by one putting 600mil in users accounts... So they would leave me alone... After a few hours I went back to check

My email and what do you know.... I got 2547 emails cursing and asking where my 600mil went.... I said I put it on there are you sure someone

Didnt hack you... I know that was a stupid question i dont think someone c ould hack 2547 accounts in 3hours.... So I emailed Traxxas asking him

If he knew anything about it he said"nope".... So I logged on to Roonscape(GodzHell) and I wasnt on for more than 15sec when..... ERROR CONNECTING TO SERVER

So I went back through the files and what do you know Traxxas took out the Xmx566 that runs the server Java Run time phase... So I fixed that and Kicked Traxxas off

And GodzHell will shut down in A few Days so mark your  calendars because Roonscape will be the new GodzHell.

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